The Challenge:
Manual Processes + Inconsistent Data

"Our old system was unable to process inquiries and flag duplicates, which resulted in a lot of manual work and inconsistent data. We needed a solution that could help optimize opportunities and improve the enrollment process."

Adrian De La Garza | Executive Director of Marketing & Analytics, SCI

Custom Distribution Strategy Increases Enrollment by 15%

SCI leveraged Velocify to create custom distribution rules and filters to automatically route student inquiries to specialty admissions advisors based on the program and campus of interest. The result was a 15% increase in enrollment year-over-year.

Reporting Insights Drive Speed-to-Contact

Utilizing Velocify’s customizable reporting, SCI was able to identify the biggest areas of opportunity and rework their distribution programs accordingly. As a result of these adjustments, SCI saw speed-to-contact attempt drop by 75% in just two months.

SMS Increases Engagement with Students

SCI utilizes both email and text messaging (SMS) in their nurture campaigns, however, they’ve found that students are more than 15 times more likely to respond to SMS than email.

The Bottom Line

"Velocify helped enforce and automate the procedures we already had in place so we could streamline student admissions and continue to expand."

Adrian De La Garza | Executive Director of Marketing & Analytics, SCI