The Challenge:
Disconnected Technologies + Sales Optimization

"We have multiple systems and needed an integrated approach to manage the business more effectively. We wanted one central solution to bring all our technologies together. We were also looking for a business partner that was going to be with us for the long haul and that was ready to evolve."

Dan Miedema | Director of Marketing Operations, GuaranteedRate

Double the Talk Time

"Our talk time has nearly doubled since we started using Velocify's transfer distributions"

WATCH VIDEO: Increase in Talk Time

Maximize Speed-to-Contact with Shotgun Connect

"Shotgun Connect is one of the most effective features for us as far as delivering new leads to available loan officers. With Shotgun we make that first call right away, in most cases within 9 seconds."

WATCH VIDEO: Shotgun Connect Drives Speed to Lead

Easily Adapt to Market Shifts

With the purchase market heating up and more leads coming in through non-traditional channels, Guaranteed Rate is able to quickly adapt and remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace by utilizing Velocify's innovative and flexible technology.

WATCH VIDEO: Optimize Online Borrower Experience

The Bottom Line

"If we didn't have Velocify, we wouldn't know where to spend our marketing dollars, we wouldn't know what distribution strategies or contact strategies were most effective. You can't quantify the benefits, life without Velocify is simply unthinkable."

Dan Miedema | Director of Marketing Operations, GuaranteedRate