The Challenge:
Speed-to-Contact + Sales Team Growth

"I wanted a platform that was proven and easy to customize myself, because you don't want your lead management system to get in the way of growth or changes to your business"

Mike Eshelman | VP of Marketing, First Direct Lending

Integration-Friendly Solution Increases Productivity

"By integrating with Encompass, we can instantly modify a borrower's status in Velocify, which triggers different work flows and call strategies. Usually, this type of integration can take months. But with Velocify, it was simple and fast."

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6 Second Speed-to-Lead

"When a customer hits a 'submit' button online and their phone rings immediately, it shows the customer that we are on top of our game and have excellent customer service."

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Sales Team Growth With No Hurdles

First Direct Lending grew from five loan consultants in 2014 to now well over 100 with the help of Velocify. In first, two-thirds of First Direct Lending new hires come in already familiar with Velocify - making training and onboarding that much easier.

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The Bottom Line

First Direct Lending utilized Velocify to support its rapid business growth and system integrations. Within just three years, First Direct Lending was able to achieve 20x sales team growth and adjust contact strategy without any hurdles, thanks in part to Velocify's highly customizable solution.

Mike Eshelman | VP of Marketing, First Direct Lending