The Challenge:
Overwhelming Volume of Leads + Manual Dialing Solution

"I was hired to build eH+ clientele, and from day one I was already drowning in leads - there were around 1,500 per month. My first order of business was to (1) get Salesforce and (2) find a way to efficiently call through those numbers."

Jane Riley | Sales Executive, eHarmony

Immediate Increase in Revenue

"With Velocify Pulse, we increased eH+ sales by more than 58% within two months of implementing the solution. What a difference!"

Identify Lead Priorities Based on Key Attributes

eHarmony leverages the Velocify Pulse Priority Guide to score leads based on key attributes and sales interactions - helping the sales team prioritize the highest value prospects.

Improve Sales Efficiency with Velocify Dial-IQ®

"We are saving significant time and realizing incredible efficiency while getting through a much larger number of leads than if we were manually dialing and leaving live messages...This is a huge time saver and helps us drive more leads to 'Closed Won' status!"

The Bottom Line

"Within the first six months we've increased sales by 158% with only an 89% increase in leads in the same time. We're just more efficient with every lead now thanks to Velocify."

Jane Riley | Sales Executive, eHarmony