The Challenge:
Speed-to-Contact + Automate Communication

"The biggest drivers in the solution that we were looking for were speed, tracking, a high level of distribution functionality, and a high level of automated communication functionalities."

Todd Jones | President of Retail Mortgage, BBMC Mortgage

Quick Implementation & On-Going Support

BBMC Mortgage worked closely with Velocify to implement its initial contact and distribution strategies; and with Velocify's on-going support and attention, BBMC is able to easily adjust these settings to align with evolving business initiatives.

Convert More Leads with Rapid Speed-to-Contact

BBMC utilizes Velocify LeadManager and Velocify Dial-IQ to accelerate speed-to-contact and convert more leads.

Automated Communication with Prioritize View

With Prioritize View, leads are automatically categorized and prioritized - taking the guess work out of lead management so BBMC lenders can simply click and dial.

The Bottom Line

"If you're in the mortgage industry and you work with internet marketing, you are not making a bad choice by working with Velocify - actually, you're probably making the best choice."

Todd Jones | President of Retail Mortgage, BBMC Mortgage