Shift your sales into high gear with powerful salesforce sales automation

Velocify Pulse®

To turn high-speed and high-volume opportunity into high satisfaction, the best teams are quick to engage new prospects, consistent in their follow-up, and well-prepared with the relevant context for each interaction. We built Velocify Pulse to equip teams with a powerful Salesforce™ sales automation software for today's fast-paced sales landscape.

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Shift your sales into high gear with powerful salesforce sales automation

Empower your sales teams to keep pace with today’s informed and on-demand customer

Opportunity Management

Connect more. Convert more. Supercharge your team’s ability to respond in the moment with the right team member and the necessary context to keep your prospects engaged. Velocify Pulse ingests, prioritizes, and distributes leads and opportunities, while organizing, automating, and updating your team’s response processes.

Team Management

Enable every sales rep to be the best sales rep. Empower leadership to identify and scale what works and eliminate what doesn’t with the measurement and incentives to keep teams on board and always improving. Velocify Pulse optimizes and enforces your ideal workflows, tracks and measures activity, and rewards performance.

Business Management

Master measurement and forecast with confidence. Visualize your pipeline with greater clarity, accuracy, and ease to strengthen return on investment and pinpoint sales planning. Velocify Pulse delivers insights in real-time to identify opportunity and isolate bottlenecks from lead source to conversion across your sales org.


Sales communication

Multichannel communication all in one place. Stay focused and engage prospects whether on the phone or in email with the leading sales automation software. Your team can initiate calls, compose personalized emails, select templates, and group recipients right from their prioritized prospect list.


Workflow builder

Visual drag and drop management. Design and scale winning sales automation workflows right within Salesforce to ensure the optimal action is taken for every contact, lead, and opportunity. No Apex coding is required so you can respond to changing sales objectives on the fly.


Prioritized sales activities

Prescriptive easy-to-understand engagement. Improve conversion and eliminate guesswork with a dynamic, prioritized list of activities clearly laid out for each sales rep and matched to your ideal contact strategy. Ensure reps focus on the right sales activities and every prospect goes to the rep with the highest likelihood to close it.


Buyer insights

In-the-moment contextual support. Arm sales reps with important information they need to close deals, such as call logs, lead scores, account notes, data mining tools, or other third party data. Populated automatically and displayed conveniently in reps’ prioritized view, buyer insights can be customized to display any Visualforce page.


Accurate data automation

Data and task management you can trust. Streamline data entry and follow up tasks to enable reps to update statuses, schedule events, set reminders, and trigger emails with a click. Handled programmatically, your Salesforce data becomes worry-free, accurate, actionable, and capable of pinpoint reporting and forecasting.

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Velocify pricing and editions that scale with your business


  • Standard
    • Prospect prioritization
    • Distribution control
    • Single-screen multitasking
    • Insights panel
    • Email composer & tracking
    • Smart email
    • Sccurate records
    • Reporting dashboard


  • Outbound
    • Click-to-call
    • Shotgun dial
    • Power dialing
    • Local caller-ID
    • Next call
    • Pre-recorded voicemails
    • Advanced call transfer
    • Call recording and reporting
    • Call reminders
    • International dialing
  • Plus
    • All outbound functionality plus:
    • Live coaching 
    • Number provisioning
    • Call routing
    • Interactive call menus
    • Call tracking insights
    • Automatic lead creation

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“With Velocify Pulse, I know my sales development team will work with the neccessary rigor and discipline to achieve their goals.”

Ray Miller
Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Social Tables
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