Leads360 Study Finds Getting Duped May be a Good Thing for Salespeople

June 5, 2013 | zinc

Data suggests that duplicate leads much more likely to convert


Los Angeles – June 5, 2013 – Leads360, a market-leader in cloud-based intelligent sales automation solutions, today released a new study – Duplicate Leads: Unrealized Value or Waste of Time? The study identifies several characteristics of duplicate leads that indicate a higher likelihood of conversion than average. These findings run counter to the popular belief that duplicate leads have little value and are merely a waste of time and resources.

“There is often confusion about the value of duplicate leads or how to handle them,” said Nick Hedges, CEO and president at Leads360. “Our newest study identifies favorable duplicate characteristics that should be tracked so that these leads can actually be given higher priority by the sales team.”

The Duplicate Leads: Unrealized Value or Waste of Time? study includes the analysis of data collected from Leads360 customers using Leads360’s duplicate management solution feature. Because this data spans multiple industries the study findings should be applicable across most inside sales organizations. In this study, approximately 100,000 leads that were flagged as potential duplicates were analyzed in order to compare their performance to the performance of millions of other leads.

Among the key findings of the study:

  • Leads that are flagged as duplicates convert at 167 percent higher than the average rate. This conversion is regardless of how they are handled after they’ve been flagged.
  • Leads that are flagged as duplicates four or more times are more than 200 percent more likely to convert than other leads. Using the score to route leads to the most appropriate teams/reps

The study found a third significant duplicate characteristic — the timing between duplicates was also a valuable indicator of a lead’s potential performance.

For more on the value of duplicate leads and all the study’s findings, sales organizations can download the full Leads360 report, Duplicate Leads: Unrealized Value or Waste of Time?, free of charge.

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