Leads360 Launches Express – First Lead Management Solution Designed for Small Companies

October 14, 2008 | zinc

Leads360 Launches Express – First Lead Management Solution Designed for Small Companies

Los Angeles – Oct. 14, 2008 – Leads360 Inc., the market leader in enterprise lead management solutions, has released their newest product, Leads360 Express. Following a two month beta period, the much-anticipated full product launched last Thursday.

Leads360 Express is the first, purpose-built lead management solution that is available for any small company in any industry, at no-cost for a single salesperson. Leads360 Express is also currently available for up to five salespeople for a fixed $35 monthly fee, following a free 60-day trial.

“We know there is a strong demand from small companies as 50% of our inbound requests are coming from companies with less than five salespeople. These companies want to take advantage of sophisticated technology to close more sales from the leads they buy or generate,” said Jeff Solomon, Founder and SVP of Leads360. “Until now, our software has been tailored for the needs of larger clients, typically more than 15 users. We realized that we could deliver a simple and easy-to-use product for emerging businesses that exceeds the performance of competitive software, at a fraction of the cost.”

Leads360 Express joins Leads360 Enterprise and Small Business to round out the portfolio of products.

“By incorporating proven best practices, we have found a way to let small businesses experience the power of our lead management platform without having to pay for enterprise-level software and support,” said Nick Hedges, SVP. Leads360 Express will help any young company stay organized while they contact, qualify and convert more leads into closed sales.”

Leads360 Express is now available at express.leads360.com.


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