Direct Mail in Sales – What’s Old is New Again

Does it ever feel like everything that was old is new again? Direct mail in sales and marketing is one channel that is making a comeback, and not just in B2C. It’s no surprise considering the results: direct mail enjoys a 3.7% response rate, compared t …

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contact strategy

How Disposition Data Can Drive Your Optimal Contact Strategy

An effective contact strategy can make or break a sales team. And while many sales technologies and sales dialers exist that help guide reps through a sequence of activities, these tools often fail to deliver insights that managers can use to improve t …

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Best Voicemail Strategies to Get More Callbacks

The best voicemail is more playful than formal. Keep it casual and cool to drive up your callback rate.For those naysayers out there that are hesitant to even dive into this blog, thinking voicemails are so 1990s … think again. According to a recent …

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