Best of 2016: Velocify News

Day five of our countdown is all about the year’s hottest Velocify news. (What countdown? Our first post on sales infographics highlights details of our end-of-year countdown and the FREE giveaway that’s coming soon.) Here are our most noteworthy Veloc …

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sales and marketing alignment

Building a Modern Sales and Marketing Machine

In Velocify’s recent webinar with TOPO and the American Marketing Association (AMA), I had the opportunity to speak with TOPO Founder, Craig Rosenberg. TOPO is an analyst firm that helps 100’s of high growth demand generation, sales development, and sa …

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Sales Prospecting Tips to Make Prospecting Easier

Sales Prospecting Sales prospecting is tough. Cold calling can be a nightmare. Reaching the decision maker is like a digital manhunt filled with obstacles, setbacks and dead ends. Throughout the years, I’ve found a couple ways to make sales prospecting …

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