Salesforce: Influencing Sales Acceleration

The cloud computing giant shows no sign of slowing down. In a recent announcement, the Salesforce ecosystem is projected to enable 1.9 million jobs and $389 billion in new revenue over the next five years! First, we want to congratulate Salesforce on t …

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31+ Flavors of Salesforce CRM – Got Sales Acceleration?

With so many flavors of CRM, what’s your favorite Salesforce App?The business technology world we live in has become incredibly nimble and flexible. “There’s an app for that” at the consumer level has bled into the business world giving consumers a men …

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4 Reasons Why the Salesforce AppExchange is Awesome

A recent study revealed that Salesforce users, on average, sell more than people using other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It’s not that surprising, considering Salesforce is today’s number one CRM solution. However, many of its users …

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What sales leaders can expect at’s Dreamforce – VIDEO

It’s now hours away from the kickoff of Dreamforce. Benioff and many celebrity guests are preparing to take the stage in front of an expected 140,000 attendees. To keep sales leaders informed on all the big moments and insights coming out of the event, …

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