Building a Sales Dream Team

Dream Team Video Transcript So the phrase “dream team” is often used to define a group of high achieving individuals that band together to reach a common goal. A “dream team” can exist in sports, politics and even sales. So how do we make a dream sales …

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top sales performer

Do You Have the Traits of a Top Sales Performer? Take the Test!

Given the same sales tools, level of education, and propensity to work, why do some sales professionals enjoy greater success? Is it pure drive or just pure luck? What sets a top sales performer apart from the rest? The Velocify research team paired up …

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8 Strategies to Fuel Sustainable Inside Sales Growth

Inside sales growth is exploding, and continues to lead the sales charter within the majority of sales organizations. Don’t believe it? Consider this – 47 percent of sales leaders reported a shift from field to inside sales, according to a recent study …

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sales and marketing alignment

Building a Modern Sales and Marketing Machine

In Velocify’s recent webinar with TOPO and the American Marketing Association (AMA), I had the opportunity to speak with TOPO Founder, Craig Rosenberg. TOPO is an analyst firm that helps 100’s of high growth demand generation, sales development, and sa …

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