lead experience

How to Create a Lead Experience That Converts

When your sales team receives an online inquiry, what does the lead experience look like? How are your reps following up? What are they saying? Every sales leader wants to create a contact strategy that yields the best results. They visualize the perfe …

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sales lead response

Is Your Sales Lead Response Strategy More James Bond Than Maxwell Smart?

Sales professionals may be under the impression that their lead response efforts are timely and effective, but Velocify analysis of actual calls, voicemails, and emails shows that, for many of them, sales lead response tactics are more likely to be in …

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profit margins, may chart of the month

Is your sales response strategy hurting your profits?

There are many factors that contribute to a company’s financial success. One common way to measure success is through profit margin. High profit margins indicate the cost of doing business is low in relation to the revenue generated by a business. Comp …

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chart of the month

Advanced Sales Dialer Accelerates Lead Response Times

Adding a supercharger to an already fast car can easily be the difference between finishing second or first. Adding an intelligent sales dialer to your CRM or sales automation software can provide similar results. Much of Velocify’s previous research h …

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