Study: Are Purchased Leads Dead?

Purchased leads have long had a reputation of lacking quality, and many marketers assume they are a declining part of the marketing mix. So why are fast-growing companies reporting a greater reliance on purchased leads than non-growing companies? What …

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crm analytics

Using CRM Analytics to Track Sales Performance

Sales is the ultimate endurance sport, it takes discipline and perseverance over the long haul. Velocify’s ReportHub is the fitness tracker of sales because it tracks the sales team’s every move. It also gives the coach (sales manager) the best insight …

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4 Key Insights from New CSO Insights Sales Performance Study

Today, CSO Insights released the results of their 20th annual Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) Study, in which they surveyed more than 1,200 firms worldwide regarding top objectives for 2014 as well as some of the significant challenges their sales …

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