email personalization

There is Power in Email Personalization

Did you know companies that personalize marketing emails experienced a 27% higher unique click rate and an 11% higher open rate than those that do not? While a lender’s marketing brand, messaging, and disclosures should all be consistent, the person cl …

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real estate partners

How to Earn the Trust of Your Real Estate Partners

Did you know that 41 percent of first-time homebuyers said a Realtor had a “major influence” on their choice of lender, compared with 33 percent of repeat homebuyers? While more homebuyers start online, the first person they talk to is a Realtor. This …

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using email marketing

Stay Engaged with Borrowers Using Email Marketing

One of the biggest struggles today’s lenders have is shifting from a refi market to a purchase market. The purchase cycle timeline is quite a bit longer in comparison to refi – sometimes six months or more, depending on how prepared your borrower is to …

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effective email marketing

Effective Email Marketing in an Age of Compliance

Effective email marketing can make all the difference for your business. As one of the most important tools a loan officer has, it’s important to understand how to properly email in order to reap its benefits. Not every loan officer is using it safely, …

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email deliverability

5 Common Mistakes Hurting Your Email Deliverability

Simply writing an email and pressing “send” doesn’t mean your email will reach its destination. You can have succinct and enticing email copy, wonderfully branded templates, and catchy subject lines, but none of it will matter if you cannot ensure emai …

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