Growth Opportunities in a Changing Mortgage Market

Are you ready to get your fair share of the loan volume this year? Mortgage lenders that invest in technology are more likely to grow. 2016 is shaping up to be a solid year for mortgage lenders. Purchase loan volume is meeting expectations, and as we h …

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Insurance Marketing Automation Drives Growth For Top Agents

In the insurance industry, the buying power continues to shift to the consumer, who shops online, often in search of the lowest price. This new reality is making it increasingly difficult for insurance agents to service and retain existing clients and …

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Mortgage Leads

To Close More Mortgage Leads, First Close the Gap

Many sales and marketing professionals are completely in the dark about why more mortgage leads don’t end up in their loan pipelines. No doubt everyone has heard the phrase “mind the gap,” a phrase first used in London to warn Underground commuters of …

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chart of the month

How dialer software boosts sales performance

For sales organizations, adding dialer software to a sales automation solution is tremendously valuable. But, when that dialer software incorporates a number of intelligent features it can also result in more efficient lead distribution, faster respons …

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Prevent a wasted marketing automation investment

Velocify joins Marketo Launchpoint, bringing conversion horsepower to the marketing nation. The growing adoption of marketing automation presents a significant opportunity for inside sales.  According to a recent Marketo blog post, companies that use m …

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