How Sales Automation Software Enhances the Human Connection

One of the most interesting aspects of working in sales is consistently straddling the line between art and science. As sales has evolved, the “science” part has come to mean more specifically leveraging technology to enhance the process. Sales automat …

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Building a Sales Dream Team

Dream Team Video Transcript So the phrase “dream team” is often used to define a group of high achieving individuals that band together to reach a common goal. A “dream team” can exist in sports, politics and even sales. So how do we make a dream sales …

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Zuman Increases Booked Sales Meetings by 180% Using Velocify Pulse

Last week at Dreamforce we talked about Jenna, a persona that represented a star sales performer. We all have a few stars on our sales teams—a sales rep that follows a consistent process, is incredibly diligent about following up with prospects, levera …

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sales stack

How to Build an Enterprise-Level Sales Stack

With the rise of cloud computing and corresponding availability of open enterprise APIs over the past decade, it has never been easier to create a dedicated technology stack for you sales team. Likewise, the vast majority of these applications are deli …

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Click-to-Call Done Right: Velocify Dial-IQ Makes More Calls, More Intelligently

Contacting prospects by phone remains a major component of any inside sales strategy – no matter the industry or the customer type. And the value of an automated click-to-call sales dialer vs. manual dialing is immediately apparent to anyone who has wo …

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