Top Sales Lead Management Mishaps

Businesses spend billions to attract ready buyers, generating a vast number of leads. Despite this, research shows that sales reps typically do a poor job of managing their leads, at the expense of their company’s revenue potential. Companies eventuall …

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sales lead response

Is Your Sales Lead Response Strategy More James Bond Than Maxwell Smart?

Sales professionals may be under the impression that their lead response efforts are timely and effective, but Velocify analysis of actual calls, voicemails, and emails shows that, for many of them, sales lead response tactics are more likely to be in …

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insurance lead management

Learn from the biggest insurance agencies’ missteps in sales lead response

We recently evaluated direct, independent and captive insurance companies to see how they are responding to online buyer expectations for rapid and persistent response. Download the study for more detail on how each group performed. If you’re a small o …

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chart of the month

Advanced Sales Dialer Accelerates Lead Response Times

Adding a supercharger to an already fast car can easily be the difference between finishing second or first. Adding an intelligent sales dialer to your CRM or sales automation software can provide similar results. Much of Velocify’s previous research h …

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