Get Emojinal…Because Your Customers Are!

In Get Emojinal! How to Connect with Buyers, social selling expert, Koka Sexton, shares tips on how to use emojis to build relationships. What has evolved into a language of its own, emojis bear an interesting resemblance to the symbols and hieroglyphi …

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Digital Mortgage – This is not Your Parents’ Home-Buying Experience

There’s actually a divide forming in the mortgage industry right now between lenders that understand and meet the unique needs of today’s borrowers and those that are stuck in the past. And news flash, an entirely digital mortgage process is not the an …

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sales technologies

Riding the Wave of Sales Technologies to Revenue

As new sales technologies continue to pave the way with expanded functionality and efficiencies, successful sales organizations are taking note by riding the wave of automation to revenue. Did you know that most salespeople (75%) believe that at least …

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lead response

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sales Lead Response [Infographic]

Once upon a time – before online web forms, mass emailing, and chat bots – sales was a relationship game, filled with rolodex files, wining and dining, and endless rounds of golf. While it doesn’t make sense to return to the wild west of selling, it mi …

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happy selling

We Drink Our Own Champagne: Cheers to Happy Selling!

I have been in technology sales for more than 16 years—six of which have been at Velocify. In my sales career, I have used Goldmine, ACT, Microsoft Access, Siebel CRM, Right Now Technologies, Netsuite and also Salesforce at three previous companies. I …

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