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Is Your Sales Lead Response Strategy More James Bond Than Maxwell Smart?

Sales professionals may be under the impression that their lead response efforts are timely and effective, but Velocify analysis of actual calls, voicemails, and emails shows that, for many of them, sales lead response tactics are more likely to be in …

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A Winning Sales Strategy: The Money Booth Method

Top performing sales reps and the fastest growing sales organizations are adopting these seven habits that make up the money booth method as part of their winning sales strategy. With all the sales activities salespeople are expected to complete, and o …

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Lessons From Rio 2016: A Gold Medal Sales Strategy

With the 2016 Summer Olympics now underway in Rio, the world is getting a taste of competition at the highest levels. Some people enjoy this as a rare opportunity to watch a favorite event, but for most of us it’s a chance to vicariously compete on the …

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The Ultimate Contact Strategy for B2B Sales

While Forrester and others have proclaimed the “Death of a B2B Salesman” it might not be as much a death as a reinvention or transformation of an entire profession. One that involves more remote selling practices. Sure, buyers may be doing more researc …

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Five KPIs every sales manager should track to increase conversion rates

Every sales manager needs to track performance of their sales and marketing efforts and when it comes to lead management, understanding how leads perform and why one lead converted over another is critical. Numerous studies and our own research have sh …

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