software implementation

What I’ve Learned from 100+ Software Implementation Projects

The key to successful software implementation is user adoption. We’re living in the most connected era in human history. A time when self-driving cars, 3D printing, and augmented reality are no longer merely a product of science fiction. New technologi …

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sales prospect

5 Tips for Volleying with a Sales Prospect

You have a sales prospect who has shown initial interest – how do you engage? How do you manage the balance between push-and-pull so that you are guiding them through discovery without pushing them away? Volley with prospects to keep them engaged. Enga …

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How to Motivate Your Sales Team

How do you promote productivity on your sales team? Are your reps motivated? Many sales managers struggle to keep reps focused and hungry for more. Why is that? Everyone is different. Different people are motivated by different things. What motivates o …

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New Study Reveals Impact of Sales Compensation Plans

Sales compensation plans can be an important lever for driving desired behaviors across the sales team. Sales leaders often have different views about how to pay salespeople, and for good reason, there really is no one way to compensate. One thing is f …

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