Closing Time: Learning Lessons From AI

In the classic sci-fi film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” two astronauts find their lives in jeopardy when an onboard ship computer thinks it is smarter than the humans that built it and takes over their space mission. A central concept to the story was the …

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mortgage experience

How Technology is Influencing the Mortgage Experience

Anyone who has kids probably has seen them experience a moment of confusion over “old technology.” In fact, there are hilarious videos online of children trying to use rotary phones, typewriters and 1980s-era Sony Walkman music players. When you watch …

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purchase mortgage

How Technology is Influencing New Purchase Mortgage Strategies

Lenders leveraging technology are finding new ways to gain a competitive advantage.The latest weekly survey from MBA reports the unadjusted Purchase Index increased by five percent and is three percent higher than the same week last year. With mortgage …

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Mortgage Leads

To Close More Mortgage Leads, First Close the Gap

Many sales and marketing professionals are completely in the dark about why more mortgage leads don’t end up in their loan pipelines. No doubt everyone has heard the phrase “mind the gap,” a phrase first used in London to warn Underground commuters of …

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Recent Fannie Mae survey reports that more half of borrowers are searching for their lender online.

More than 50% of prospective borrowers are online! Are you?

If half of your potential customer base is online, shouldn’t you be there, too? Ten years ago, on any given Friday night, “let’s go to Blockbuster” was probably the most popular phrase in America. Back then, Blockbuster was the top video store chain in …

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