Respond to Insurance Leads Faster Than Ever

With an increasing amount of industry changes, insurers are faced with the challenge of keeping costs down while increasing efficiencies throughout their organizations. Velocify is here to help insurance companies deal with today’s challenges, including navigating a highly competitive market, communicating successfully with prospects in the digital age, and leveraging customer data and insights to proactively implement the best sales processes. With Velocify, you’ll be the first to respond to policy inquiries and connect agents with prospects immediately.

  • Be the first to respond to policy inquiries and connect agents with prospects immediately
  • Distribute the highest priority inquiries to the most qualified agents
  • Prioritize agent's most important opportunities first
  • Automate email and text communication
  • Monitor agent results

ColeX-Dates and Velocify Integration

Eliminate the noise in your prospecting efforts. With ColeX-Dates and Velocify LeadManager, insurance agents have immediate access to unlimited prospects and a proven tool to accelerate inquiry-to-quote-to-close.


Velocify LeadManager helps sales teams more successfully convert inbound leads from a wide variety of lead sources. Seamless integration to more than 1,400 real-time lead providers, marketing automation systems, web forms, inbound calls and more make Velocify LeadManager the CRM for high volume environments. Front line insurance agents are prompted to call prioritized leads and reminded about appointments and call backs, assuring leads are never neglected. In addition, Velocify LeadManager delivers fast and frequent email and text-based communication from agents to prospects automatically.

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Working hand-and-hand with Velocify LeadManager, Velocify Dial-IQ is the only click-to-call sales dialer that enables insurance sales team to have more conversations and stay focused on the right prospects at the right time. Velocify Dial-IQ boasts the industry’s leading uptime for non-stop performance.

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Need to leverage Salesforce® CRM platform for Insurance?

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Trusted by Insurance Companies to Drive Revenue

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  • “With Velocify my agents can effectively manage prospects from inquiry-to-quote-to-close. Velocify puts the focus back on selling by taking the guesswork out of the sales process and follow-up.”

    Ryan McClintock, Co-Founder and CEO, Kanopy Insurance

  • “Velocify allows us to respond, track, measure and stay on top of every lead. It keeps us a step ahead of the competition.”

    David Williams, captive agent and agency owner

  • “We have purchased fewer leads and increased our conversion rates on leads purchased from 10% to 20% in the first year of using Leads360 and Dial-IQ.”

    Mark Wong, captive agent and agency owner