Grow revenue with improved referral management and mortgage marketing automation

With Velocify, lenders can respond faster to high-priority leads, sell smarter, and close more deals.

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Customers in the mortgage industry rely on Velocify to help make their sales organizations more effective. Whether you’re struggling to respond to a high volume of leads, to enforce process, or improve visibility, Velocify can have an immediate impact on your ROI.

Leveraging extensive industry knowledge, Velocify offers Velocify LeadManager® and Velocify Dial-IQ® to ensure mortgage teams are armed and ready to drive more wins and more revenue. Velocify’s research has consistently proven that its technology can help lenders increase borrower conversion rates almost immediately after implementation. By using Velocify LeadManager and Velocify Dial-IQ together, loan officers can respond to a mortgage lead in less than one minute after a potential borrower indicates interest online—sometimes in as little as 10 seconds.


Do your Loan Officers struggle to quickly make contact with a high volume of leads? Velocify LeadManager automatically captures, de-dupes, intelligently distributes and prioritizes leads so Loan Officers stay ahead of the competition and focused on closing more loans. Velocify LeadManager is designed to work seamlessly with Dial-IQ, an intelligent sales dialer solution that handles inbound and outbound calls.

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Velocify LeadManager helps sales teams more successfully convert inbound leads from a wide variety of lead sources. Seamless integration to more than 1,400 real-time lead providers, marketing automation systems, web forms, inbound calls and more make Velocify LeadManager the CRM for high volume environments. Front line insurance agents are prompted to call prioritized leads and reminded about appointments and call backs, assuring leads are never neglected. In addition, Velocify LeadManager delivers fast and frequent email and text-based communication from agents to prospects automatically.

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“The system is very user friendly for both front-end users and as an administrator. It is extremely customizable so we can be responsive to our ever changing business needs. Most of all, the Velocify team is very open and responsive to customer feedback and is continually evolving the product to better serve our needs.”

Laura J.
Sullivan University
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