Mission: Accelerate Sales Performance

Our mission, to accelerate sales performance, drives everything we do. And it has never been more important!

Today, businesses spend billions to attract ready buyers, generating a vast number of leads. They also spend billions on CRM. Despite this, sales reps typically do a poor job of managing their leads. In fact, one in three leads is never called, the average time to respond to a new lead is 48 hours, and half of all leads don’t receive a second call attempt.

Our products transform the sales process. We help sales reps connect with more prospects, so they can spend their time doing what they do best – closing deals!


Our Philosophy

mission innovation

The Science of Selling

At Velocify, we believe there’s a lot of science to selling, with clear, repeatable processes that can systematically drive improved sales performance. All our solutions are built with the selling practices of best-in-class sales teams within.


mission selling

Customer Innovation

Driven by data and customer insights, Velocify is bringing ideas and technology solutions that are fundamentally changing the way selling is done. Our products drive rapid response, discipline follow up and boost rep productivity.


mission simple

Simple and Intuitive

Velocify is simplifying selling for today’s sales professionals. With a dedicated user experience team, we are building intuitive products based on a deep understanding of how our customers work and a relentless drive to refine and simplify our products.


mission products

We Use Our Products

Using Velocify ourselves is a core company value. Our sales and services teams beta test every feature, providing ongoing input to make the product better, faster, and more intuitive. We will never stop listening to our customers or viewing the world from their point of view.

mission agile

Agile Development

Our Agile development process drives continuous customer learning in a fail-safe environment – through ideation, design, customer testing and refinement – with the end goal of delivering error-free, customer-focused releases.