Do You Have the Traits of a Top Sales Performer? Take the Test!

Given the same sales tools, level of education, and propensity to work, why do some sales professionals enjoy greater success? Is it pure drive or just pure luck? What sets a top sales performer apart from the rest?

top sales performer
The Velocify research team paired up with acclaimed sales expert, Steve W. Martin, to conduct an extensive study of more than 1,000 salespeople and sales management leaders to determine what top performers had in common — other than the fact they achieved more than 125 percent of their assigned quota last year! Participants were measured across the following six key areas:

  • Focus and motivation
  • Career orientation
  • Personal attributes
  • Customer interaction strategy
  • Attitude
  • Self-perception
  • We’ve included a little taste (six questions worth) of some of the questions asked in the study. Be sure to download the free study to see all the questions, receive deeper insights, and see how top sales performers answered — The results might surprise you!

    Top Sales Performer Test


    jaime lee headshotAbout the Author: Jaime Lee is the Content Marketing Manager at Velocify. She has a background developing internal and external communication strategies on the Silicon Valley startup circuit and had a stint working in channel marketing at VMware. An avid tennis player, Jaime is currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She holds a BA in Communication from UC Santa Barbara.


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