Telephony, the most powerful yet misunderstood sales tool

Is your sales organization making too many calls or giving up on a prospect too easily? Or are your sales reps trying to engage after a consumer has made their decision? These are some of the most common mistakes sales organizations make.

A phone call can indeed be a sales associate’s most powerful tool. When a sales call is timed just right and the associate is skilled to engage the prospect by providing relevant and helpful information, the consumer may even view the call similarly to getting a hand written letter instead of an email; however, creating the perfect harmony in call sequencing and timing is easier said than done.

Velocify’s approach to sales automation centers on speed and intelligence – our SaaS-based sales automation platform helps customer sales organizations optimize their processes, accelerate engagement, increase user productivity and maximize conversion rates. We do this through intelligent prioritization and distribution, skill-based routing and other intelligent tools that ensure you manage your sales pipeline with the highest level of effectiveness.

Below is an infographic based on Velocify research. We benchmark much of our research off of the optimal call flow, which was derived by  analyzing more than 40 million leads managed through our system. With the recent introduction of multline we wanted to see how our customers improved performance against the optimal contact strategy and the results were staggering. See infographic below and download our new Dial-IQ research for more detail

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