Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is a set processes and rules designed to improve task routing and/or completion within specified workflows, increasing the speed and/or accuracy of the overall workflow.

How Sales Automation Software Enhances the Human Connection

How Sales Automation Software Enhances the Human Connection

One of the most interesting aspects of working in sales is consistently straddling the line between art and science. As sales has evolved, the “science” part has come to mean more specifically leveraging technology to enhance the process. Sales automation software has had a dramatic impact on the way sales are performed: a recent Velocify […]

Sales Automation, Acceleration, CRM, Similar but Different

I often get asked, “How does Velocify differ from a CRM solution?” The easiest, most immediately understood answer to this question is “We are designed for sales organizations that need to keep pace with a high-velocity sales environment.” This often generates discussion on the difference between sales automation, sales acceleration, and CRM and use cases […]