Sales Technology Best Practices: Superuser Tips for Success

Sales Technology Best Practices: Superuser Tips for Success

October 11, 2017 | Rachel Lurie

New technologies are automating the sales process and making organizations more productive and efficient than ever before, and the impact on business growth is undeniable. However, selecting the perfect vendor and signing a contract is only the first step.

To ensure successful implementation of a new sales technology, there’s some best practices to keep in mind as you go through the onboarding process and beyond. Read on for superuser tips from Velocify customers on how to get the most out of your sales solution.

Superuser Tip #1: Be Transparent with Users

While most technologies require an administrator to configure and optimize the system, in most cases the admin is not the one actually using the system on a regular basis. It’s the salespeople who rely on solutions like Velocify LeadManager™ to automate their daily sales activities, from managing leads to making follow-up calls and tracking performance.

Therefore, as an admin, it’s important to ensure your team understands how the technology works so they’ll trust the automated sales processes you’ve strategically configured for their success. Be transparent about how specific actions and statuses trigger different workflows, why certain distribution programs and prioritization rules are in place, and how it all relates back to the organization’s overall contact strategy.

Superuser Tip #2: Test and Learn

With any technology, you get out of it what you put into it –so why not try to perfect the process? In the quest for sales success, Velocify recommends employing a test and learn strategy for the best results, particularly in the early stages of onboarding and adoption.

Leverage reporting to continually evaluate performance metrics and identify areas for improvement. Then test out new strategies – whether internally with your sales team and the contact methods you’re employing, or externally with your lead providers. Don’t be surprised if certain strategies you think will be successful end up underperforming, the important thing is to learn from the data and adjust accordingly for optimal results.

Superuser Tip #3: Invest in Training

In a recent study, Jill Konrath, globally recognized sales acceleration expert, examined the importance of training and onboarding salespeople. The same principles can be applied to implementing new technologies within your existing sales organization.

You should have a dedicated trainer (in many cases, the admin), who is highly invested in the sales team’s success – both short-term in getting reps onboarded with the new technology, and long-term by providing continual training opportunities.

Consider using the 30-60-90 day approach to map out a plan with different milestones that your team needs to accomplish by specific points in the new technology onboarding process. Then coach your team for success along the way and leverage resources to help with on-going education. Also be sure to stay up to date with any major product enhancements, and ensure your team is trained on how to optimize new features.

Superuser Tip #4: Maximize the Benefits

Many organizations make the mistake of implementing technology within a silo where each department is leveraging different solutions for their specific needs. This practice is extremely time consuming and costly.

Instead, look for synergies across teams to identify opportunities for cross-functional utilization of the same technologies to maximize value. These days, many solutions are highly versatile and can easily be adapted for different use cases.

Take it from Velocify client, Dan Miedema, Director of Marketing Operations at Guaranteed Rate. He says Guaranteed Rate leverages Velocify throughout the organization for any team that needs to track actions and measure data – from sales and marketing to HR, just to name a few.

Superuser Tip #5: Ask for Support

Innovative technology companies have long realized the importance of client satisfaction. Not only does client satisfaction lead to greater success, but it’s directly correlated with increased revenue and growth.

With this in mind, many modern organizations prioritize customer satisfaction by way of dedicated support teams designed to provide strategic guidance and best practices. For example, Velocify clients are assigned an account manager to help with sales strategy and provide recommendations, a functional consultant that specializes in training and system configuration, and a client support team to help with any technical questions.

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Regardless of which technologies you’re using, lean on your vendors for support and best practices to maximize success.

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