4 tips to tune your sales process in 2013

Rev up your sales results in 2013 with Leads360's Ultimate Contact Strategy
The Ultimate Contact Strategy provides a ready-to-use road map to rev up your sales process in 2013.

For many, December means finalizing plans and forecasts for the New Year. Right now, sales leaders are undoubtedly spending a significant amount of time strategizing on how they’ll hit a bigger number in 2013.  To this point, a recent poll by SalesOpShop.com has revealed that the two top priorities for sales teams in 2013 are (1) top line sales growth and (2) improving sales processes.

For most companies, past investments have been made in CRM to automate sales processes, and marketing technology to generate leads, but the need for a predictable, repeatable and measurable strategy to follow-up on leads is often overlooked.

Lead response impacts top line sales growth

Lead contact strategy may lack the glitz and glamour of some of the other topics and  investment options available to drive new sales, but few other options can match the return. In fact, recent research by Velocify, examining the sales processes of more than 400 customers, shows that a strategic approach to lead contact and follow-up can boost conversion rates by 100% or more. A disciplined lead management process by your inside sales team can make all the difference.

Here are some of the valuable tips highlighted in the report:

  • Tip #1: Call new leads in under a minute. The Velocfiy study found that calling in under a minute boosts conversion rates by 391%. Enough said.
  • Tip #2: Call more than once.  50% of leads are never called a second time, so you’ll gain an edge simply by being one of the 50% that always calls a second time.
  • Tip #3: Persist, but don’t pester. The Velocfiy study found diminishing returns after the sixth call. Know when it’s time to move on.
  • Tip #4 Don’t forget to email.  Sound obvious? 40% of leads never get an email prior to connection by phone, yet pre-contact email improves conversion.

If you don’t have a consistent, persistent lead contact strategy in place, what are you waiting for? In today’s highly competitive business environment, seldom is there fruit as low-hanging as this.  Get a complimentary copy of the study, “The Ultimate Contact Strategy: How To Best Use Phone and Email for Contact and Conversion Success.”

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