Establish an appropriately persistent sales process within your CRM

Leads360 chart of the monthThe combined results of Velocfiy secret shopper studies over the last 24 months revealed that alarmingly, 42 percent of web inquiry forms submitted never received a phone response from the sales teams of those respective organizations, despite the request.  Of the organizations that did respond to our inquiries, we found that most salespeople gave up too quickly when trying to reach us.  In fact, on average, we found that reps gave up after just one or two call attempts (average of 1.6 attempts per inquiry to be exact).  What most sales leaders and salespeople don’t realize, is that it pays to make contact attempts beyond the first two. But how many calls are too many? When should you call it quits and move on?

Velocify research suggests that a six call sales process is optimal
A Velocify study found that 93 percent of all converted leads are reached by the sixth call attempt and that only 7 percent of all leads that eventually convert are reached for the first time after seven or more call attempts, a substantial diminishing return.

The chart above indicates that more than half of all leads that convert are not contacted on the first call attempt.  Clearly, one should not give up after making only one call attempt, given the sales conversion jump that occurs from one call to two.  The gain in lead conversion continues through the third attempt and beyond, suggesting a compelling proposition in repeated outreach until the curve begins to flatten. Although the probability conversion  does drop with each call it takes to contact someone, our research suggests that on average, establish a six call sales process in your CRM for optimal results. After six attempts the prospect goes into a nurture campaign.  The additional conversions you will likely gain by making up to six call attempts to reach a prospect are probably worth your while, but due to the law of diminishing returns, contact attempts after the sixth try are less valuable and may not be justifiable.

For more valuable information about the ideal number of calls and email messages to maximize conversion and productivity, you can click here to download our recently released Ultimate Contact Strategy report. You can also refer back to our previous chart of the month that offers more insights on the ideal time of day to reach out to a lead here.

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