The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sales Lead Response [Infographic]

Once upon a time – before online web forms, mass emailing, and chat bots – sales was a relationship game, filled with rolodex files, wining and dining, and endless rounds of golf. While it doesn’t make sense to return to the wild west of selling, it might be time to get back to some of our roots, as evidenced by some downright ugly stats on poor sales lead response tactics.

Simple things like responding quickly, being appropriately persistent, and leaving quality voicemails can leave a positive first impression and set you apart from your competition. This infographic uncovers the good, the bad, and the ugly statistics related to online sales lead response.

Read on to find out how your sales lead response tactics can a bit more Clint Eastwood – aka “Blondie” – from the 1966 classic.

lead response

Jorge Jeffery, sales objectivesMeet the Author: Jorge Jeffery joined Velocify in 2011 and is director of research and analytics. Jorge has been instrumental in mining data from more than 1,500 sales teams that leverage Velocify’s solutions today. Insights gleaned help establish best practices for Velocify clients in order to maximize revenue potential.

  • Elise Inferrera

    Those are some impressive statistics!

  • Tim Dunlea


  • AlyssaTrenkamp

    So much opportunity for companies that get their lead response right!

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