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I often get asked, “How does Velocify differ from a CRM solution?” The easiest, most immediately understood answer to this question is “We are designed for sales organizations that need to keep pace with a high-velocity sales environment.”

This often generates discussion on the difference between sales automation, sales acceleration, and CRM and use cases for these solutions. The issue for some with CRM is it’s too focused on keeping current customers and not focused enough on taking advantage of opportunities to snag new ones.

Many would say, well that’s what the “sales automation” component of CRM is for, right?

To a degree this is true, sales automation is one component of a CRM solution designed to help companies acquire new customers. The problem, however, is that it was originally designed for a lower velocity sales environment, a traditional field sales cycle where a rep would typically have a handful of deals in their pipeline, and were pretty clear what needed to be done in order to progress those deals forward.

In today’s inside sales environment, however, many sales reps are juggling 100+ active leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts. To help a sales acceleration solution takes you to the next level, laser focused on efficiently turning leads into customers, closing the gap in functionality in a typical CRM solution.  Sales acceleration solutions like Velocify offer serious upgrades in lead distribution, lead prioritizations, and intelligent dialing.  Taken together, these services will allow any sales team already using Salesforce a chance to fine tune their process and turn into a lean, mean, lead-closing machine by addressing the three key drivers to lead conversion: speed, process, and persistence.

Salesforce customers are already chiming in about the benefits of Velocify. Here are a few Velocify for Salesforce reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange:

Jonathan Ruchman wrote: “The lead management capabilities are rich with critical functionality, but are also very easy for smaller organizations to adopt. Their solution is turnkey which makes it easy for our Allstate Agency Owners, many of whom are not tech-savvy.”

Ron Beach also highlighted the way the Velocify app could be beneficial to smaller businesses: “While we like the versatility of, setup can be somewhat daunting for a smaller company. We found that we could immediately start using the application in a productive manner and yet retain the ability to make changes later once we had production experience. Velocify reduced the time required to achieve the benefits we were looking for with minimal effort.”

Marjorie Gilberg appeared to be more than a little enthusiastic about the services Velocify can provide: “Velocify is an essential tool for us because it allows us to manage all the leads that we buy and generate far more effectively than Salesforce can on it’s own. Velocify allows us to route our leads precisely within our sales team, enforce a sales workflow, conduct email nurturing, and report in detail on everything that happens during the sales process. I strongly believe that Velocify allows us to run a best-in-class sales organization”

To learn more visit the App Exchange or watch this video on YouTube “Velocify: Lead Management for Salesforce” explaining the differences.

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