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Leads360 joins Marketo Launchpoint, bringing conversion horsepower to the marketing nation
Velocify joins Marketo Launchpoint, bringing conversion horsepower to the marketing nation.

The growing adoption of marketing automation presents a significant opportunity for inside sales.  According to a recent Marketo blog post, companies that use marketing automation platforms source 45 percent more leads from marketing than companies that don’t use marketing automation.  As marketing automation works its magic, the volume of quality leads creates more opportunity for inside sales. Terrific, right?  Not if the sales department becomes the next bottleneck in the funnel. When this happens, the added lead volume, as well as marketing investment are wasted.

So how can sales avoid this and take advantage of the higher volume of sales opportunity? Two ways:

(1) The two departments need to implement new ways to collaborate, and (2) sales needs to use the same level of advanced automation used by their peers in marketing to continue to reap efficiencies. By focusing on both, more prospects will convert.

Last month Velocfiy joined the Marketo Lauchpoint ecosystem, a big step in helping companies seamlessly implement best-of-breed tools in both marketing automation and sales automation.  The Marketo Launchpoint partner ecosystem helps companies manage the sales funnel top to bottom. We’re proud to say that Velocfiy’s sales lead management solution, Velocfiy LeadManagerTM and intelligent dialer solution Velocfiy Dial-IQ TM will be a part of this new ecosystem.

Velocfiy LeadManager and Velocfiy Dial-IQ are a perfect complement to Marketo, with a focus on three core principles critical to improving sales conversion – improved speed-to-contact, greater selling discipline and increased sales rep productivity. When combined with Marketo, customers get incredible efficiency gains from the top to the bottom of the marketing and sales funnel. Velocfiy receives sales-ready leads from Marketo and ensures reps work them with an optimal degree of rigor, maximizing all opportunities for conversion.

Want to learn more about how marketing automation and Velocfiy is a perfect match? Sign up for a demo today.

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