Velocify lead distribution: Push, pull, and more

What’s the best way to get a lead from a lead provider to a sales agent? Quickly. Quickly and intelligently. It’s a well known fact that speed to contact is the single most important contributing factor to lead close rates. How important is speed? Close rates for leads that were contacted within one minute of submitting an online inquiry showed an improvement of 391%.

For a sales manager, getting leads to agents quickly requires a few necessary tools. The quickest way to get leads from lead providers to sales reps is with lead management software. The best lead management software solutions have multiple methods of distributing leads, i.e., Push distribution and Pull distribution. Velocify uses both Push and Pull distribution programs. Each has their strength, and working together they ensure that every lead is connected to a sales rep as quickly as possible.

Push distribution programs push leads to sales reps who qualify for them.

Pull distribution queues up leads for sales reps to pull as they are ready.

Both Push and Pull distribution can be configured with lead and user filters. Adding filters to distribution programs enables sales managers to route leads intelligently according to any criteria they can conjure up. Get the biggest opportunity to the best sales rep; Make sure reps only receive leads that correspond to their areas of expertise and licensure. And with skills based lead routing, it’s possible to match leads with sales reps based on soft skills that maximized lead-rep compatibility. This debunks the claim made by it’s detractors that Push distribution assigns leads randomly.

When combined with Dial-IQ, Velocify’s intelligent lead dialer, these distribution methods deliver even more dramatic results. Dial-IQ’s Shotgun Connect feature rings the phone of every eligible sales rep and only the first rep to get the call wins the lead. This method of distribution is a hybrid of push and pull distribution. Demand Connect is the Dial-IQ feature that is pure pull distribution. With Demand Connect, the sales rep clicks a button and is connect to the best available lead.

Another erroneous belief about push distribution programs is that “In a push system, leads are simply put into queues and it is up to the individual sales agent as to how–or if–he or she follows up.”

One of the features of Velocify is that leads that are distributed by either Push or Pull distribution can be recycled, or redistributed if they are not followed up on by the sales rep who received them. This ensures that leads get the attention that they need quickly.

Push and Pull distribution work together to ensure that leads are matched to reps as intelligently as possible and that the leads are contacted immediately.

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