Taking the lead with lead quality insights

Not all leads are equal, but too often we treat them that way. This new infographic, based on recent Velocify research, sheds light on attributes that make one lead more likely than the next to convert.

How significant are the findings? With the high cost of generating and responding to leads, the ability to recognize quality leads can make a big difference in the bottom line. Gaining a better understanding of what makes prospects convert to customers can help prevent wasted marketing and sales dollars generating and chasing sub-optimal leads. The ultimate benefit in identifying leads that have a higher likelihood to turn into a customer is that overall conversion rates improve, driving increased sales. Case in point, the Velocify study showed that leads with certain characteristics converted more than three times higher than average.

If you want to get the complete results and data to apply to your business, download a complimentary copy of the report and industry specific versions here.

Infographic: Taking the lead with lead quality insights

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