How Sales Leaders Can Prepare for the Future of Work

How Sales Leaders Can Prepare for the Future of Work

June 20, 2017 | Sharmin Kent

The world of work is changing, and sales leaders are turning to technology to accelerate deals and improve sales team productivity. But there’s more to the world of work than productivity, and salespeople–especially those in the field or on geographically dispersed teams–are leading the way when it comes to finding and using effective technology.

So, how can sales leaders support their teams and prepare them for the demands of the future?

Invest Wisely – in Tech and in People

Most businesses understand the need to invest in the best people for their organization. Having a solid team that jives well makes a big difference. How can you top that? — With technology of course! Sales leaders are leveraging technology to increase rep productivity.

In the latest sales research by Velocify and AA-ISP, 84% of participants surveyed said they’d be much less efficient today if they only had access to 10-year-old technology. Even more, the study revealed that high-growth companies were more knowledgeable on different types of sales technology than other companies. In fact, companies experiencing flat or declining revenue were 56% more likely to be unfamiliar with sales technology. It’s clear efficiency is integral to staying competitive in today’s market, so consider boning up on the different types of technology available.

Allow Salespeople to Respond to Prospects On-the-Go

Almost 30% of employees work on remote teams, while an even higher 64% of workers want the option to work away from the office. When facing a workforce with an increasing interest in working away from the office, mobility is more important than ever. Your sales team needs access to the right technology to ensure a quick response rate, regardless of whether they are onsite or working remotely.

Quick response rates have a positive impact on conversion; so in addition to becoming more efficient, supplying your sales reps with the right tech tools can help maximize revenues. A study by DocuSign found that companies who stay current in digital technology report 13% more revenue and 50% more profit than those who lag in digital process adoption.

Choose Tech that Improves Customer Experience

Evaluate how your prospects engage with your business and sales reps to determine which tech platforms will perform best. Tech that can help your sales reps put the customer’s needs first will reflect in loyal customers, industry credibility, referral business, and overall respect.

Effective technology will reduce the number of touchpoints, increasing both productivity and satisfaction in the customer experience. Further, if the technology can automate any part of your sales communication in the customer experience, sales reps can see a significant reduction in error alongside an increase in the quality of their messaging.

The future of work is dependent on companies adopting the right tech solutions to advance their sales teams. Join Velocify’s vice president of marketing, Matt Reid, along with other leaders in the digital space, for The Future of Work live webcast on June 26 to learn how your business can increase employee productivity, enhance the customer experience and boost the bottom line with the right technology.

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