Schools solve enrollment challenges with Velocify

As we head into a big week, with two major post secondary school conferences, CCST in Dallas, Texas and CAPPS in Pasadena, California, its rewarding to look at how far we’ve come with the support of this amazing community. In just over two years, more than 125 schools have started using the Velocify enrollment management platform.

Every day we talk to customers and are constantly learning more about what we can do better to improve our software. In customer conversations we’re often rewarded with amazing stories like that of Kim Esquerre, owner of U.S. Colleges. Kim started out like many schools do, tasking operational staff with a number of  duties, including student admissions. She quickly learned that she needed a dedicated staff that could respond quickly to prospective students and a tool to help them focus less on trying to get a hold of prospects and more on talking to inquiries to explore their continuing education needs.

What we hear consistently from clients like Kim is how challenging it is to reach prospects quickly and follow-up with the right level of persistence, not wasting too many resources on inquiries not likely to enroll. There is no perfect formula for success, but Velocify continues to work closely with customers like U.S. Colleges to get as close to perfect as possible. It’s about continuously monitoring the process and optimizing based on each individual school’s unique formula.

This week attendees of CAPPS and CCST can learn admissions best practices first hand. Velocify will be presenting on a new education study at CAPPS on October 11, at 1:30pm: Email is Not Old Hat:  Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Enrollment Yield with Email.  In this first-of-its-kind study, Velocify examined the results of millions of inquiries to determine which factors make emails to prospective students the most valuable. The company will also be exhibiting at CAPPS booth # 36 and CCST booth # 12 from October 10-12.


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