Guaranteed Rate Rises to the Top with Velocify

guaranteed rateWe recently caught up with long-time client, Guaranteed Rate, to chat about their challenges and successes over the past decade and how Velocify has helped them rise to the top in an ever-evolving mortgage market. Read on to learn more about their story, plus check out our exclusive video interviews with Dan Miedema, Director of Marketing Operations at Guaranteed Rate. Let’s dive in!

The Challenge

Inefficient Lead Optimization
As an early adopter of digital mortgage, Guaranteed Rate has always been ahead of the curve in terms of using innovative technology to simplify the lending process. However, before working with Velocify, they lacked a unified system that could track and optimize performance and had no way to truly measure the success of their sales and marketing strategies.

Without actionable performance insights, they struggled with inefficient processes and lost opportunities – something a growing company in an extremely saturated industry simply could not afford. Realizing they needed a more advanced solution, Guaranteed Rate found Velocify in 2007 and haven’t looked back since.

From inbound and outbound dialing, to email marketing, campaign tracking, lead prioritization, lead distribution, and so much more, Dan says that Velocify makes his team more efficient so they can maximize opportunities and continue to expand in the market.

The Results

Improve Contact Rate, Call Speed, and Talk Time
Like any growth-oriented business, Guaranteed Rate’s primary focus was to accelerate sales. Velocify enabled them to achieve this goal by taking the guess work out of lead management. Using features like lead prioritization, lead scoring, and Shotgun Connect, Guaranteed Rate took speed-to-call from minutes down to seconds – something Dan says has been absolutely pivotal to their success.

They’ve also realized incredible conversion results by leveraging Velocify to make more calls, more intelligently. In fact, they’ve doubled talk time since implementing Velocify LeadManager transfer technology, and increased contact rate by 20% with Velocify Dial-IQ local presence calling.

Nurture Borrowers throughout the Sales Cycle
Guaranteed Rate’s success goes beyond the raw numbers to something much more subjective but just as important: the relationship with their borrowers. According to Dan, Velocify supports a high-touch customer-first approach, which is a core element of their overall business strategy. Through customized call, email, and text communications, Velocify empowers Guaranteed Rate to easily adapt to market shifts and nurture their borrowers throughout the purchase cycle and beyond.

Ten Years Later, Life without Velocify is Unthinkable
We first met Guaranteed Rate over a decade ago, and they’ve been achieving incredible results ever since. We’ve evolved with Guaranteed Rate through the digital mortgage movement, emerging competition, and shifts in the marketplace. Dan says that he can’t imagine doing business without Velocify, and the feeling is mutual.

We’re honored to have been able to witness their rise to the top of the mortgage market, and we’d like to congratulate Guaranteed Rate on their ten-year anniversary with Velocify (and many more to come)!

guaranteed rate
See their story.
Check out the full Guaranteed Rate case study for more information and learn how Velocify LeadManager can help your team accelerate sales.

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About the Author: Rachel Lurie is the Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager at Velocify where she promotes and champions customer success through dedicated marketing and advocacy programs, and works closely with customers to develop and share their unique sales acceleration stories. Rachel has a B.A. in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara and 10 years of combined experience in marketing, advertising, and client services.

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