ELEVATE DAY 2 – Jill Konrath on Building a High-Performing Team

Jill KonrathOn day two of our 12 days of ELEVATE we are featuring the one and only – Jill Konrath. Jill is a best selling author, sales expert, and is well respected for her approach to building high-performing sales teams through an agile selling approach.

It’s no surprise then that Jill’s secret to building a high-performing sales team is to build a learning team. She defines a learning team as one that is constantly looking at what they are doing and how they can get better together. They are testing and learning, challenging reps to think about a better way to tackle a challenge, and encouraging reps to fail fast. How do you build a high-performing, agile team?

Here are a few tips from Jill’s ELEVATE session:

  • Team selling – Jill shared a story about an inside sales leader she recently interviewed that came up with an idea that has radically changed the way they sell. The sales leader had their reps partner up with shared compensation tied to each other’s performance. One rep might be a senior rep an
    d another, a new rep, but their compensation is tied so they are encouraged to help each other succeed and problem solve.
  • Invest time in people – Role playing and mock meetings are critical to developing your people – practicing one objection, nailing the lead-in, or focusing on an area that is a trouble spot for the rep. Make this standard practice, so your reps get used to doing it.
  • Hire learners – Look for people who are learning on their own, not because they have too. Find out the latest book they read, do they watch any webcasts. You might also ask “What have you failed at lately?” What you are looking for in their response is what they learned from the failure; what they did differently because of it.

Jill is a true thought leader in the area of building agile sales teams. We love her enthusiasm for tackling new challenges  in a collaborative way. As we forge into 2016 and beyond, she is sure to offer insights on the challenges ahead. Thank you Jill for your invaluable contributions to this great profession and for your participation in ELEVATE!

To hear Jill’s full session, sign up for ELEVATE and watch on demand. You can also check out more of our amazing speakers while you are there.


Alyssa headshot Alyssa Trenkamp is the director of marketing communications at Velocify and a 15 year veteran in the enterprise technology sector. Prior to Velocify, Alyssa spent nearly a decade as a marketing and public relations consultant for Microsoft. Alyssa holds a BA in Journalism from Western Washington University.

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