Demonstrating compliance

In recent years, an increasing number of regulations have been put in place prevent businesses from operating in bad faith. Whether or not you agree with the efficacy of these regulations, they have become part of what it means to do business. This is especially true if you do business in an industry where a pattern of abuse has been discerned by regulators. Two examples of this would be mortgage lending and for profit education.

There are many reputable businesses trying to stay afloat in both mortgage lending and for-profit education. Remaining in compliance with current regulations is part of the equation for these businesses. It’s not enough to be competitive; there is the added work of not just remaining compliant, but remaining demonstrably compliant.

In the event of a compliance audit, two of the main ways that organizations can demonstrate their compliance with regulations are by being able to provide scripts that their reps used when speaking to prospects and by recording phone calls. When using a lead management system with an integrated lead dialer it is easy to create and maintain sales scripts and keep audio recordings of all phone calls.

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