Click-to-Call Done Right: Velocify Dial-IQ Makes More Calls, More Intelligently

Contacting prospects by phone remains a major component of any inside sales strategy – no matter the industry or the customer type. And the value of an automated click-to-call sales dialer vs. manual dialing is immediately apparent to anyone who has worked in a high-velocity inside sales environment. Highlighting this fact, the Bridge Group’s recent Sales Metrics and Compensation Report found dialing technology allows salespeople to engage in at least 22 percent more conversations per day .

But what many people fail to realize is that not all automated dialers are created equal. A robust sales dialer is much more than a mechanism for making more calls faster. There are enormous differences between a powerful sales dialer and a mediocre solution – in areas of speed, control, reliability, and more – just like there’s a big difference between a Ford and a Ferrari.

Velocify-Dial-IQ-Click-To-Call from Velocify on Vimeo.

Making the Right Calls, Not Just More Calls

Investing in a robust click-to-call sales dialer doesn’t cost as much as an Italian sports car, but it can have an equally powerful impact, helping your reps make more of the right calls, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Velocify Dial-IQ® focuses on four key values that truly make a difference to sales teams, empowering your organization to achieve optimal performance levels:

  • Productivity: While many dialing solutions were built to handle inbound customer service requests, Velocify Dial-IQ was created from the ground up to help sales teams increase productivity. Combined with Velocify’s optimal sales workflow and real-time prioritization, reps will always be focused on activities that will lead to more revenue.
  • Control: Visibility into sales reps’ activity is crucial to achieving your optimal contact strategy. Velocify Dial-IQ empowers sales leaders with the data to track individual activity and connect the dots to overall team performance, providing a holistic view of end-to-end sales effectiveness.
  • Flexibility: Velocify Dial-IQ eliminates a major hassle associated with other dialers. It fits perfectly with any phone system so sales teams can enjoy the benefits of a robust sales dialer without having to replace hardware or lose any existing phone features. In fact, companies can get up and running with Dial-IQ on their existing system within hours to make an immediate impact on revenue.
  • Reliability: High-velocity selling requires technology that you can rely on at all times. Velocify Dial-IQ has an industry-leading 99.97 percent uptime rate and delivers the call quality, speed, and reliability that high-velocity sales teams depend on.

Tailor-Made Click-to-Call Sales Dialer

The industry’s most robust sales dialer offers more than a foundational tool for your sales team – it’s packed with cutting-edge features that are proven to increase productivity and conversions in new ways. For example:

  • Local presence Velocify Dial-IQ enables reps to use area codes that match where the prospect is based for outbound calls, increasing connection rates by 42 percent.
  • Inbound/outbound blending allows reps to focus on reaching out to new prospects without fear of missing highly valuable inbound calls.
  • ShotgunConnect™ maximizes connect rates for high-potential inbound calls by notifying all available reps and connecting the first responder.

Velocify Dial-IQ is a key component of any high-velocity selling technology stack, and integrates seamlessly with Velocify’s full suite of sales automation solutions to give your team the ultimate platform for outperforming the competition.

Not only does the efficiency of automatic dialing increase the volume of calls that reps can make, the intelligence of Velocify Dial-IQ and Velocify’s sales acceleration platform means each call is more likely to lead to a conversion. Workflow enforcement and real-time prioritization allow sales reps to maximize the value of their efforts, by focusing on the most important conversation at the right time. It’s a tailor-made sales dialer that makes your team’s output bigger and better. Grow your company faster with more conversations that matter!

To learn more about Velocify Dial-IQ, check out /products/velocify-dial-iq/.

About the author: Matt Dowd joined Velocify in 2015 and VP of Product Management. Matt has been involved in different aspects of Product Management and Strategy for over 10 years and has a history of innovating towards where the market is going. His main focus is to drive product vision and execution towards crafting best-in-class solutions for Velocity’s clients.

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