Best Practices of Top-Performing Sales Teams

Best Practices of Top-Performing Sales Teams

December 5, 2017 | Rachel Lurie

Best-in-class sales organizations consistently exceed expectations and outperform the competition. While each organization has its own unique structure, goals, and KPIs, top-performing sales teams commonly employ a few key strategies in their quest for success. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of their best practices.

Prioritize Customer Experience

Top-performing sales organizations differentiate themselves from the competition by focusing on customer experience and speed-to-response. They prioritize the highest-quality, most likely to convert leads, and ensure they are always called first – and fast – usually within minutes or seconds of receiving the inquiry. Not only are customers impressed with this experience, but research shows that calling a lead within one minute more than doubles the conversion rate.

Use a Comprehensive Solution

While piecing together different sales technologies might save you a few dollars short-term, building out a complex sales stack comprised of multiple technologies may require significant time and resources to properly onboard and maintain.

To rise to the top, look for a more comprehensive solution that provides all the major features and integrations you need to support your contact strategy and sales goals. For example, solutions like Velocify offer lead management, calling, email marketing, SMS text messaging, and analytics all within a single fully integrated system.

Align Sales and Marketing

To optimize performance, highly successful organizations abide by lead management processes that effectively align sales and marketing. The two teams should work cohesively and meet often to review performance metrics, determine areas for improvement, and discuss goals.

Support this strategy by leveraging a sales software that is able to measure data on a micro-level to identify specific performance gaps, as well as on a macro-level to identify overarching market trends. The result: both teams will be happily aligned with more accurate sales forecasting and a greater return on marketing investment.

Monitor Lead Source Performance

Buying leads is expensive, so ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by closely monitoring your lead volume, flow, and quality. Top-performing sales teams maximize the value of their investment by tracking how their different lead sources are performing on a regular basis, and quickly remove those that consistently underperform or yield poor quality leads.

As a best practice, keep lines of communication open with your lead source providers and meet with them regularly – at least quarterly, if not monthly – to review your programs and adjust as needed to meet your lead generation goals.

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