BambooHR Makes the Switch to Velocify Pulse

BambooHR added Velocify Pulse® and Velocify Dial-IQ® to their sales stack in 2016, working alongside Salesforce and ActOn to empower SDRs in ways that were impossible with their previous inside sales solution. We recently checked-in with BambooHR to learn how their business has been impacted since making the switch to Velocify Pulse. Read on to find out more about their success story.

The Challenge

Previous Solution Failed to Sync with Salesforce
Specializing in HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, BambooHR was sitting on an opportunity goldmine, but their inside sales solution was holding them back. The solution failed to sync properly with Salesforce and was unable to effectively distribute and prioritize a high-volume of leads, resulting in valuable opportunities falling through the cracks. In addition, long hold-times on transfers and a commonly experienced two-second audio delay that caused sales reps to talk over prospects, further impacted conversion rates.

Drew Dooley, Salesforce Administrator at BambooHR, knew there had to be a better way. When Drew found Velocify Pulse, it was the clear choice because of the solution’s native integration with Salesforce.

The Results

Improved Speed-to-Call
As a growing business, BambooHR’s top priority was to generate more impactful interactions with the highest quality leads as quickly as possible. By implementing Velocify’s B2B contact strategy, workflow best practices, and priority rules, Bamboo HR empowered its reps to be more thoughtful and productive in their sales approach by ensuring the highest value leads were always at the top of their queue and contacted quickly. The outcome: 85% of new leads are now contacted in under five minutes.

Empowered SDRs

Zak Bills, an SDR at BambooHR, said that their previous inside sales solution was unreliable. He never knew if he’d get a lead back after he made an initial contact attempt, or if it would end up going to another rep. With Velocify, Zak and the other SDRs are able to take more ownership of their leads with features like personalized emails. The confidence in knowing that all their leads will come back into their queue when it’s time to call them again is priceless.

Decreased Hold Times
Prior to Velocify Pulse, transferring a prospect from an SDR to an account executive (AE) was a very manual task. To modernize the process, BambooHR started using Velocify’s call transfer solution and saw dramatic improvements. Hold times decreased from five minutes on average to less than one minute. They also started using a popular Velocify Dial-IQ feature, Shotgun Connect, to ping all eligible and available sales reps when a new hot lead comes in. The first sales rep to claim the lead essentially wins it, further incentivizing speed-to-contact with high-value leads.

The Bottom Line

As a result of working smarter, BambooHR was able to significantly improve production and double the size of its SDR team to support the company’s continued growth.

“Velocify Pulse is natively integrated with Salesforce, which pulls everything together and eliminates an extensive amount of waste,” said Drew.

Be like BambooHR and make the switch to Velocify Pulse today! For more on their story, read the full BambooHR case study, and learn how Velocify Pulse can accelerate sales for your organization.

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About the Author: Rachel Lurie is the Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager at Velocify where she promotes and champions customer success through dedicated marketing and advocacy programs, and works closely with customers to develop and share their unique sales acceleration stories. Rachel has a B.A. in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara and 10 years of combined experience in marketing, advertising, and client services.

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