Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Sales Reps?

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Sales Reps?

November 11, 2016 | Alyssa Trenkamp

Last month at Dreamforce, the ultimate Salesforce conference, there was a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and use cases for businesses. Will artificial intelligence be a game changer in the way we interact with our prospective customers? How far do bots go before human engagement takes over?

In some ways, artificial intelligence has already changed the world of sales with examples all around us. When Amazon recommends new books or products based on past purchases or when we see a friendly chatbot pop on the screen when visiting a website – these use cases rely on data analysis to predict what you might be interested in, ideally offering timely and helpful information that improves the customer experience.

According to this new infographic from Sales for Life, machines are no longer just a part of sci-fi movies; they are here to stay! But it’s not about machines replacing humans, it’s about where machines and sales reps meet in the sales process and how to create the best experience for the buyer. Take a look:

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