Allstate insurance agent – #1 status with lead management CRM from Velocify

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“With Velocify, my producers are getting to new leads within seconds, which is critical to make sure we compete in nearly every deal.” – David Williams, Allstate owner and agent

For New York-based Allstate agent and owner, David Williams, breaking into a saturated and highly competitive market as a new agent was no easy task. Williams knew he would be competing against high-tech call centers run by big, high-volume companies like Geico and Progressive. And with consumers doing most of their insurance shopping online and getting quotes from multiple competitors, it was critical for Williams to leverage a lead management CRM ideal for insurance agencies to compete with his larger competitors. Williams also knew that being the first to contact new insurance prospects was a critical success factor in beating the competition.

To break into the market and win business, Williams deployed a several marketing tactics, including buying internet leads, search marketing, telemarketing and “feet on the street” campaigns. But he knew from others that buying leads was no guarantee of success and that he’d need the right insurance CRM to improve speed-to-contact, instill selling discipline, and most importantly, increase conversion. He looked at CRM solutions like and others, but ultimately determined he needed a solution that was more focused on converting leads into customers. So Williams turned to Velocify and its integrated lead management and sales dialer solution to drive the results he was looking for.

William’s opened his agency in 2009 without any clients. Two-and-a-half years later, he has a $2M book of business and has achieved the #1 status for new auto and home policies two years running. He attributes a great deal of his success to Velocify.

“Velocify allows us to respond, track, measure and stay on top of every lead,” said Williams. “It keeps us a step ahead of the competition.”

Thousands of insurance companies and agencies use Velocify’s lead management CRM offering to help them turn more leads into new customers. To learn more about how Velocify can help you grow your insurance business, visit: Velocify – Insurance.

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