4 Reasons Why the Salesforce AppExchange is Awesome

Salesforce AppExchangeA recent study revealed that Salesforce users, on average, sell more than people using other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It’s not that surprising, considering Salesforce is today’s number one CRM solution. However, many of its users don’t rely exclusively on Salesforce alone. They utilize a wide range of integrated software solutions available through the Salesforce AppExchange.

The Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading business application marketplace, complete with thousands of apps that help businesses increase team productivity and company growth. Think of it as an iTunes store for business.

The AppExchange has been around for 10 years – a major milestone for this successful marketplace. Let’s take a look at the impact it’s had on the success of Salesforce users, the SaaS industry, and Salesforce itself.

  1. It’s the biggest CRM app marketplace. With nearly 3,000 apps in the ecosystem, organizations can leverage a much broader range of vendors than any other CRM marketplace can provide. In fact, the AppExchange offers 10 TIMES more sales apps than the average CRM. With access to so many tools, sales teams can improve efficiency and increase productivity, giving them a huge advantage.Salesforce CRMMany organizations strive to achieve sales and marketing alignment, but continue to struggle. The AppExchange offers solutions to help bridge the gap – not just inSMarketing” – but across the entire organization. Over the last 10 years, organizations have achieved collaboration across departments such as customer service, IT, finance and more.Salesforce Software
  2. It’s trustworthy. The level of transparency in the AppExchange guarantees customer satisfaction. It gives users access to thousands of customer reviews so they can find a solution to fit their business needs and write reviews of the ones they use themselves. It’s a democracy! The better apps get more visibility than ones with lower customer satisfaction. To become an AppExchange partner, apps must undergo a rigorous security review. A dedicated Salesforce.com team ensures the app functions properly and is safe to use. This security review helps ensure that the app meets Salesforce.com security standards & best practices, achieving a higher level of trust with prospective buyers. With access to honest customer feedback and the Salesforce stamp of approval, you can have confidence in what you’re buying. The AppExchange delivers a positive buyer experience by helping mitigate risk.
  3. It’s easy-to-use. As a Salesforce user, you can seamlessly integrate any AppExchange app with your instance. It’s plug and play! Not only is it simple to install new apps, it’s easy to use them, too. Each app lives right within the Salesforce environment, so you never have to leave.
  4. It solves real problems for businesses. Discover new tools for all of your business requirements, such as integration platforms like Jitterbit, configure price quote (CPQ) tools like SteelBrick, document management apps like Docusign and sales acceleration platforms like Velocify Pulse.

Check out Velocify Pulse on the AppExchange, or Get a Demo.

Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange 10th Birthday

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jesse-peterson-headshotAbout the Author: Jesse Peterson is the Enterprise Business Development Director at Velocify. He is responsible for establishing and cultivating relationships with Salesforce.com corporate, the Salesforce consulting partner network, AppExchange partners and Salesforce end-users throughout North America. Jesse is experienced in managing all aspects of a large enterprise partnerships, developing partner go-to-market strategy, aligning necessary resources to help drive sales process from lead to delivery and providing customers with best-in-breed data quality solutions for Salesforce.


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