Inspiration from our sales team to yours

Motivation and inspiration for selling can come from many places. To give you some fresh material for the “inspirational” section of your sales portal or even better, your Velocify homepage message (hint, hint :-)), we conducted a poll of our sales team asking them for motivational sayings, quotes, movie lines, or whatever else they could think […]

Lead management: marketing vs. sales

Managing leads is a multistage process. While the concept of managing leads has been around for a while, there is still some disagreement about what lead management is. For example, you could read one article about lead management that is written entirely from a marketing perspective. From the marketing perspective, lead management looks a lot […]

Nothing beats a first impression

I was talking to one of our customers in the mortgage industry this week who reminded me just how important the first touch point with a customer is. She highlighted the turmoil in the mortgage industry the past few years, essentially undergoing one of the largest regulatory over-hauls in 40 years since the labor and […]

Sales messaging and cross-channel communication

How do sales organizations get their message out to prospects? There are a lot of ways to get the message out these days. Clearly, the best way to reach a prospect is on the phone. That’s where the real work of understanding a prospects needs begins. The first phone call is where the real conversation […]

3 tips for effective text messaging in higher ed enrollment

Recent Noel Levitz research found a growing number of students are beginning their school search via their mobile device and express a desire to be reached about enrollment and admissions via text messaging. The willingness to engage via text message only increases once the student has applied and deposited, according to a 2011 Bob Johnson […]

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