Text Messaging for Sales Success

Are your sales tactics dated? A barrage of repeated call attempts and e-mails may feel like the way to go in sales, but if they annoy or overwhelm the consumer they’re ultimately counterproductive. To maximize ROI, it is important to mold sales efforts to today’s savvy on-the-go consumers. And if you need convincing on consumer […]

Favorite “Thankful” blog posts

On the eve of Thanksgiving there are several blogs popping up urging us to put our worries asside and consider for a moment what we have to be thankful for. In this vein, a few of our favorites from @MarketingProfs, @HSHassociates, @B2Community and @college4adults. #1 from @MarketingProfs – a heart-warming blog post that includes comments […]

Standards and workflow

What do standards do for a sales organization? In their simplest implementation, they draw a line in the sand that says, if you can’t perform at least this well, you cannot work here. The most common standard is the quota. Quotas have been around forever, and they are effective, if a little unrefined. What the […]

For-profit educators – innovators or villains?

The blogosphere loves to demonize big institutions, and few are cast more often as the villain than those in the for-profit higher education sector. Most of the hullaballoo revolves around admissions standards and practices, or the lack thereof. In a nutshell, the argument has been that for-profit educators have aggressively coerced unwitting, would-be students to […]

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