What kind of service do you want to get? When you’re the customer, what do you want? Do you want a quick response? We’ve all been in a situation where we are waiting for help. Ready to do business with someone and they cannot find the time to engage with us. It’s a frustrating experience […]

Better service for the empowered customer

Everyone in marketing and sales knows that customers are a lot savvier than they were 10 years ago. 5 years ago. Last year. Customers are always connected to the internet and have countless resources to help them make informed decisions about where they are going to take our business. And it hasn’t plateaued. There is […]

Technology in higher education

This article called For-Profit Schools: They Get IT delves into the differences between the adoption of technology at private schools and for-profit schools. The upshot is that For-Profit schools are better with technology. They spend more than 10% of their operating budgets on technology infrastructure where their counterparts in the private sector spend less than […]

Principles of prospect service

Should we even call it customer service? When talking about how prospects are served, it’s common to borrow the phrase customer service. But that’s really a misnomer.  It is not possible, strictly speaking, to provide customer service to a prospect for the simple fact that prospects are not yet customers. It may not seem like […]

Beneath the surface of a successful sales operation

A successful sales operation is smooth. It glides like a swan. Calls are made and deals are closed. It appears effortless and inevitable. The successful salesman is in complete command of his craft and navigates his daily challenges with grace. His success resides in the marriage of technique and inspiration. He knows the rules, and […]